Client Assistance Program Documents

CAP Documents

Listed below are documents that discuss topics involving employment. All these documents are created by Lorrie Ripley, the CAP (Client Assistance Program) Ombudsman. If you have any questions concerning CAP, vocational rehabilitation, independent living, or Title 1 of the ADA, you can contact Lorrie Ripley either by phone at (603) 271-2773 or by email at All PDF downloads are screen-reader accessible and will work with most screen-reader programs.

  1. Eliminating Employment Barriers
  2. Hold On! Employment and Options Go Together
  3. Transitional Fairs go a Long Way to Answer the Question: “Now What?”
  4. Thinking about Employment? Try these 3 Steps
  5. October Brings a Focus on Empowering All in Workforce
  6. GCD and GCD’s CAP Program: Working Together for Access for All