About Centers for Independent Living

About Centers for Independent Living

Centers for Independent Living (CIL) are federally recognized private nonresidential non-profit agencies that are majority designed, controlled, and operated by consumers (people with disabilities who receives services from CILs). These agencies are cross-disability, meaning they serve people with any type of disability and are community-based, meaning they serve individuals in their local community.

CILs are required to provide 5 Core Independent Living Services:

  • Information and Referral – provide information and resources about services offered by the local CIL and other agencies.
  • Independent Living Skills Training – provide training to consumers to develop independent living skills in areas such as personal care, coping, financial management, social skills, household management, and other skills that are necessary for individuals to live in their communities.
  • Individual & Systems Advocacy – provide training to individuals in advocating for themselves & their needs, and in advocating for change to address problems/barriers that effect multiple people with disabilities in a community.
  • Peer Counseling/Support – provide support and assistance to individuals with disabilities by individuals with the same or similar disabilities.
  • Transition Services – provide consumers assistance transitioning out of nursing homes and other institutions and into community-based residences, assist individuals with disabilities to avoid institutional placement, and aid the transition of youth with significant disabilities to life and programs outside of secondary school.

The CIL in New Hampshire is Granite State Independent Living (GSIL). Larger states tend to have multiple CILs geographically distributed throughout them. GSIL provides the 5 Core services along with other services such as personal care attendants, accessible transportation, grants that fund home & vehicle access modifications, etc.


Granite State Independent Living


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