SILC NH Members

Membership List

The Statewide Independent Living Council of New Hampshire’s (SILC NH) membership consists of officers, members, and ex-officio members. 

Members and Officers

  1. Carrie Dudley
    • Chair
  2. Deborah Ritcey
    • First Vice-Chair
    • Granite State Independent Living
    • Director
  3. Randy Pierce
    • Second Vice-Chair 
    • Future in Sight 
    • President and CEO 
  4. Jeff Dickinson
    • Secretary
    • Immediate Past Chair
  5. Erin Hall
  6. Michelle McConaghy
  7. Sarah Sweeney
  8. Ryan Witterschein


  1. Daniel B. Frye
    • Designated State Entity
    • NH Department of Education: Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired