26 Mar 2019

NH Politics

NH Politics

The NH SILC follows and monitors legislative bills that may impact individuals with disabilities in NH.

Bills Watched in 2019:

  • HB 255– Relative to shift differential pay for employees who work overnight. This bill requires an employer to pay a shift differential for employees working in a overnight shift. The bill was killed.
  • HB 171– Establishing a commission to study equal access and opportunity for students with disabilities to participate in curricular activities. Passed by full House and moved to Senate.
  • HB 291– Establishing a committee to study certain findings and other initiatives regarding end-of-life care. In House Judiciary Committee.
  • HB 389- Requiring the secretary of state to prepare materials for businesses relative to service dogs. Passed by House.
  • HB 488- Requiring interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing at the stat house campus. This bill requires that interpreters will be provided to persons who are Deaf or hard of hearing if they person wishes to talk with their senator or representative on the state house campus. Passed by full House. Sent to Senate and referred to Executive Departments and Administration on 3/18/19.
  • HB 531- Relative to the delivery of absentee ballots cast by elderly or disabled citizens. This bill allows family members and designated unrelated caregivers to deliver absentee ballots on behalf of voters who reside in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Passed by House. Sent to Senate and referred to Election Law and municipal Affairs on 3/14/19.
  • HB 539- Establishing a committee to study the implantation of the One4All ballot in municipal elections. This bill requires the secretary of state to provide technical assistance to political subdivisions relating to the implantation of the One4All ballot in municipal elections. Passed by House.
  • HB 621- Establishing the state commission on aging. Passed by House. Sent to the Senate and referred to Executive Departments and Administration on 3/21/19.
  • HB 628- Relative to universal changing stations in certain places of public accommodation. This bill requires universal changing stations of r adults with disabilities in new buildings and future renovations in public facilities with a capacity of 1,500 or more members of the public or stores of at least 40,000 square feet. Passed by House.
  • HB 692- Relative to dental care for Medicaid recipients. This bill will require the Medicaid managed care program to provide dental benefits to Medicaid Recipients. Passed by House. Sent to Senate and referred to Health and Human Services on 3/21/19.
  • HB 696- Establishing a protective order for vulnerable adults. This bill expands the definition of abuse and establishes a mechanism for issuing protective orders for “vulnerable” adults such as for people with disabilities against caregivers.  This bill is still in Committee.
  • HB 725- Relative to certain standards for managed care organizations. Passed by House. Sent to Senate and referred to Commerce on 3/14/19.
  • SB 60- Relative to advance notice to hourly employees of work schedules. This bill requires employers with 15 or more employees to provide employees with advance notice of the work schedule. The bill had a consent calendar reported filed.
  • SB 216- requiring the New Hampshire transportation council to conduct a review of automated vehicle testing and deployment, establishing an automated vehicle testing pilot program, and providing requirements for automated vehicle deployment. Report was filed.
  • SB 255- Relative to dementia training for direct care staff in residential facilities and community-based settings. This bill requires dementia training for direct care staff in residential facilities and community-based settings. Passed by Senate. Sent to House and referred to Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs on 3/14/19.
  • SB 259- Expanding eligibility for Medicaid for employed adults with disabilities age 65 and over.  This bill requires the department of health and human services to submit an amendment to the state Medicaid plan to expand coverage under the MEAD program which provided Medicaid for employed adults, to individuals 65 years of age and older. Currently eligibility ends after age 64. Bill was laid on table.
  • SB 308- Relative to the health are workforce and making appropriating therefore. This bill requires an increase Medicaid providers rate by 5% in 2019 and an additional 7% in 2020, requires certain health care professionals to complete a survey collecting data on primary care workforce, requires DHHs tp amend the income standard used for eligibility for “in and out” medical assistance, and permits the Department of Safety to contract with a  private agency to process background check applications and requires the DHH to accept and process background check application. Report was filed.
  • HB 249- Permitting restaurant owners to allow dogs in restaurants. This bill was killed.
  • HB 721- Relative to special education in towns with no public schools. The bill requires the resident school district to provide and fund the education of an child with disabilities according to the children’s individualized education program when such child is attending a nonsectarian private school because there is no public school for the child’s grade level in the child’s resident district. Bill was retained in Committee.
  • SB 289- relative to health and human services. This bill requires collection stations to be licensed and revises the responsibilities of an individual private home care service provider to include health support services, authorities reimbursement for a legally responsible relative who provides personal care services, and requires services provided to individuals with disabilities by area agencies and authorized agencies to comply with RSA-171-A and the federal requirements for home care service providers. Bill was laid on table.

Bills Watched in 2018:

Image of Bill from "School house of Rock"

  • HB 1459– Relative to operating autonomous vehicles was killed
  • HB 314-Was retained, the bill was amended and now testing, no widespread use as a first step. This is expected to go to the full Senate on 4/26.
  • HB 1785–Relative to terminology- Deaf or Hard of Hearing rather than Hearing Impaired- House Ought to pass and Senate passed and it is at the Governor’s desk.
  • HB 1589-Relative to excluding from the definition of tenancy occupancy where a caregiver providing care to a person with disabilities under a written agreement may be ordered to vacate. This ought to pass in Senate 4/26
  • HB 1816-Relative to Medicaid Managed Care and a certain waiver from CMS implementing enhanced eligibility and federal medical loss ratios. This should be watched carefully as this bill would stop any further implementation of Step 2 of Medicaid Managed Care, including CFI. This is fairing pretty well so far.
  • HB 1807– Relative to strengthening the law around exploitation of people with disabilities passed
  • SB 278– Relative to to exempting PCA from registering as medical technicians. This was tabled, removed from the calendar apparently deemed overly broad in an effort to address medication diversion