24 Jan 2019

NH Politics

NH Politics

The NH SILC follows and monitors legislative bills that may impact individuals with disabilities in NH.

Bills Watched in 2018:

Image of Bill from "School house of Rock"

  • HB 1459– Relative to operating autonomous vehicles was killed
  • HB 314-Was retained, the bill was amended and now testing, no widespread use as a first step. This is expected to go to the full Senate on 4/26.
  • HB 1785–Relative to terminology- Deaf or Hard of Hearing rather than Hearing Impaired- House Ought to pass and Senate passed and it is at the Governor’s desk.
  • HB 1589-Relative to excluding from the definition of tenancy occupancy where a caregiver providing care to a person with disabilities under a written agreement may be ordered to vacate. This ought to pass in Senate 4/26
  • HB 1816-Relative to Medicaid Managed Care and a certain waiver from CMS implementing enhanced eligibility and federal medical loss ratios. This should be watched carefully as this bill would stop any further implementation of Step 2 of Medicaid Managed Care, including CFI. This is fairing pretty well so far.
  • HB 1807– Relative to strengthening the law around exploitation of people with disabilities passed
  • SB 278– Relative to to exempting PCA from registering as medical technicians. This was tabled, removed from the calendar apparently deemed overly broad in an effort to address medication diversion.